New Beginnings…

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OK so 6 houses after the badger set I’ve just moved to a new country, new job and the start of a new life. A friend posted a picture on their fb today and it brought me right back, suddenly I was reminded of why I lived in Wales for all those years. The Snowdonian scenery was just mindblowing and quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered, something I will most certainly miss a great deal. Whilst that was going through my mind I started to reminisce on all the crazy things we got up to at number 2, the mistaken turnings that ended up in  trips around the foot of Snowdon at half one in the morning! The drives to some Chinese takaway by going the wrong way around the island and of course the storms off the pier late at night through the winter.

However its time to move on, but do I need to leave all that good stuff behind? I don’t think so, I’ll certainly miss everyone in North Wales, however, I need to remember that its only a 2/3 hour train journey away. I’ve somehow picked up a great job in the school of my dreams. So all I need to do now is make it the area of my dreams too!!!

I’m in the process of watching as many of the proms as I possibly can, I’ve been so impressed with this years offering, potentially the best ever? however so far my favourite has to be Jamie Cullum’s late night prom! I think if Henry Wood were around today this would be exactly the kind of innovation that he would be putting to Proms goers. As you watch the BBC4 coverage, the image (probably not accidentally) of his bust watching over this fabulous, full house concert is frequently in shot. Whilst I’m not overly keen on the introduction of electronic equipment into the Prom, personally I prefer singers to project properly and learn to sing correctly, I do understand that this is part of the performance. Cullum uses the mic so brilliantly that it is to him what a strad is to a soloist. There are times were the compressor settings are not perfect but when its a space the size of the Albert hall that’s hardly surprising! On a side note, has anyone ever seen Jamie and the lead singer of greenday at the same time?

I would strongly suggest watching

In other news, I’ve found a chair which fits me! can anything become more exciting!?


Pete has lived in Poole and Bangor, and describes himself as the "grumpy 20 something old man in the group." He is a Chemistry graduate from Bangor University, and plays violin and viola. He currently lives near London.